Benefit Dream Screen

image (15)
Benefit´s darling packaging never fails to impress.

Benefit’s Dream Screen is a sunscreen lotion for the face, with an SPF of a whopping 45. It claims to be “invisible and silky-matte” and it most certainly is. Those claims were what drew me to the product in the first place – I was hoping this would be a good sunscreen to use under makeup, seeing that so many of the facial sunscreen lotions I’ve tried have turned out to be greasy and all together not a good base for makeup.

The product’s consistency is quite thin and almost runny – make sure you shake the bottle well before you use it. Once you rub the lotion/gel into your skin, it does become quite invisible, as you can tell from my photos. Once it sets, it leaves a silky-matte finish on the skin, as promised.

Long story short, this didn’t quite live up to the expectations I had for it. Sure, it becomes invisible and silky-matte. But when I apply makeup on top of it, things get a little weird. Even after waiting 10 minutes in between applications of sunscreen and makeup, the sunscreen itself feels like it starts flaking off of the skin once I put foundation on top of it. And naturally, makeup doesn’t look good on top of a flaky mess.

So will I be repurchasing? No, probably not. I can only really use this on makeup-free days and on those days, I tend to prefer a day cream with SPF, anyway. So this doesn’t get a lot of use and considering the price, I wouldn’t be able to justify another bottle which would just sit on the shelf most of the time.

However, if you are someone who doesn’t wear makeup often and if your favorite morning moisturizer doesn’t have SPF, you might want to look into this product.

xox, Lady Reykjavík.


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