Sticker Stash Decluttering

image (1)
Things got a little… messy at one point in the process.

Yes, I freely admit to having a problem. An addiction. My addiction is planner stickers – and I live for them. Breathe for them. Die for them. My love language is literally stickers. Sometimes, for a moment or two, it does occur to me that it might be a little strange to be an professional, academically inclined, 23-year-old woman and be more excited by stickers now, than I was at 5 years old. But luckily, those moments pass quickly.

However, my addiction comes at a cost – not only a financial one (and believe me, that is not a small one – I will probably end up having to eat my stickers towards the end of the month some time) – but also a spatial one. When you have this seemingly incurable condition of absolutely needing to buy every. single. sticker sheet there is to be found on Etsy, your collection will grow quite rapidly and you will end up with a BUNCH of beautiful sticker sheets which need to be stored somewhere. You might even end up with something looking like this:

image (6)
My love, my life – my sticker stash.

Behold – my sticker stash in all of its splendid glory. 3 A4-sized binders, 1 small “Target-dollar-spot” binder, 1 box-binder from Tiger, 1 tray of washi tapes and a pretty handsome stack of sheets with no home.

image (7)
I organize my sticker stash by seller – each one has their own slot in the binders.

As you can probably tell from the photo above, most of these binders were full to the brim – so full, actually, that closing them was getting near to impossible and finding stickers was a tedious task.

My solution – a decluttering mission! Needless to say, none of my stickers would be getting thrown out. And I also didn’t want to change my storage up completely, as I quite like the system I’m using.

What I really wanted to do was move a good chunk of my stickers out of the pink binders, into the accordion file box, which had the most empty space of my binders. But which stickers to choose, without overriding my previous organizing system, of keeping each shop in its own slot in the binders?

image (5)
I moved a good chunk of my stash into this accordion file box.

After giving this some thought, it finally came to me: Recently, I’ve been getting more into decorating my personal-sized planner (I’ve been an Erin Condren girl by religion for months, now). However, that size of a planner often requires a different size of stickers. And even if I could use some of my EC-sized stickers in the personal planner, I simply don’t want to break into fresh, unused sticker kits for decorating my personal.

After this, the rest was easy. I went through my whole stash and took out any stickers which were either sized for a personal-sized planner, or were just stickers which I didn’t see myself using in my Erin Condren, considering the way I plan in there. I also took out any leftovers from kits I had previously used for spreads in my EC – those actually made up the better part of the stickers I removed.

image (3)
Leftovers from half used sticker kits will come in handy in my personal planner.

After this, I could easily close all of my binders. Not only that, but I also now have a pretty decent stack of stickers to reach for when decorating my personal planner. Success!

As a bonus, simply giving myself time to actually go through my whole sticker collection gave me some valuable insights. I would definitely recommend it, if you happen to be a fellow sticker addict! I regularly “shop my stash” when it comes to makeup, but shopping your sticker stash might be completely worth your while, too!


image (2)
I had completely forgotten I had all of these full boxes!
image (4)
Why I ever thought I’d need this many blush stickers in one lifetime, is beyond me.

If you have any awesome sticker organization ideas, pretty please make me super happy and leave them in the comments below!

xox, Lady Reykjavík.



  1. So many stickers, I’m jealous! I have nowhere near that many – just one small A5 accordion folder with a couple sheets of planner stickers. (Although maybe my equivalent addiction are the folders of die-cuts and paper I have)


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