L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in “Fleur”

image (28)
L.A. Girl´s Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss in the shade “Fleur”.

It might just be Iceland and the very much Icelandic “oh-that’s-cool-I’ll-try-that-too!”-mindset, but are matte lip glosses all the rage these days, or what? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like anywhere I look these days, there’s a blogger, YouTuber, model, advertisement or even a friend, telling me that I need a matte lip gloss in my life. Preferably a nude one.

Well – long story short, I caved and ordered a bunch of matte lip glosses by L.A. Girl, including the topic of this post, “Fleur”.

image (27)
The lip gloss comes with a doe foot applicator of sorts.

I chose this particular shade quite simply because it seemed to be the closest color to a nude which the retailer carried. In all honesty, it isn’t a nude at all, but a very beautiful shade, nevertheless. I would describe it as a cross between a peach, mud-brown and a dark nude, but one of my friends went so far as to call it a “light orange”. So I guess the exact color is debatable, but it sure is very flattering.

The applicator is kind of a doe foot applicator, but without the pointy tip. This leads to a less precise application, which is a shame, since this really is a product which you want to watch where you apply it – once it dries, it’s quite hard to remove.

image (31)
Swatches: Freshly swatched to the left, dried and already matte to the right.

Which leads me to the next point, staying power – which this darling has got quite enough of! The product is easy enough to work with, spreads nicely and is quite opaque – but once it sets, it will. not. budge. The whole day. It can handle eating, drinking, pouting, kissing – pretty much everything, with the exception of greasy foods. During my “testing” period, the only thing which took the color out of my lips, was a delicious nachos. Apart from that, I never had to re-apply gloss to my lips. (When removing the L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Glosses at the end of the day, I recommend using an eye makeup remover. Only thing that worked for me.)

Finally, the scent and the feel. Yes, there is a little bit of a “lacquer”-like scent to the product, but it’s so faint that you practically have to stick your nose into the tube to sense it. The feel is strange at first – this was my first time trying a matte lip gloss, so feeling it dry and become matte on my lips was a new thing for me. That being said, it isn’t uncomfortable to wear. I do feel that it is a little too sticky for my liking – but it still doesn’t rub off at all upon touch, which is a huge plus – no unwanted lip smacks on your great aunt’s Chanel jacket when she gives you a squeeze at the next family gathering!

image (26)
I am quite frankly obsessed with this lip gloss!

All things considered, despite the slight sticky-ness and the not-precise-enough applicator, I am in love with this lip gloss. The shade is perfect, goes with everything and the matte finish is definitely worth all the hype! Last but not least – the price point is a pretty good one, too.

Have you jumped on the matte-lip-gloss-bandwagon yet? Share in the comments below!

xox – Lady Reykjavík.



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