Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo in Orgasm/Laguna

image (38)
Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo in Orgasm (to the left) and Laguna (to the right).

You are at a Sephora store. You have covered all the ground at that store, you’ve practically filled your tiny basket up to its brim and you’ve taken a deep breath, decided that enough was enough and you’re heading to the cashier, where you have to wait to pay.

And there they are – shelves and shelves of travel-sized (fun-sized, if you ask me…) beauty products, just waiting to tempt you while you wait in line. They are your well loved, old time beauty faves – but in mini size. And we all know that if it’s good in regular size, it’s awesome in mini size. Before you know it, you’re grabbing a second basket for all the minis which you simply have to have.

image (37)
Close-ups of Nars Laguna (to the left) and Orgasm (to the right).

This blush/bronzer duo by Nars was one of those products for me. Whoah. Laguna, my all-time-favorite bronzer, and Orgasm, the cult favorite blush –  together?! To be fair though – Nars isn’t even sold where I live, so I couldn’t not buy it. Obviously.

Throughout the years, I have sometimes found that “mini” or traveler versions of well-known beauty products don’t always live up to the hype of their regular sized mama-products. I was pleased to find out that this is definitely not the case here.

So to cut this review short – if you have used Laguna and Orgasm in their regular sizes and packaging – those are exactly what you get here. But if you haven’t tried those, read on.

Laguna seems to be the one bronzer everyone loves, although as an extremely fair-skinned gal (MAC NC15), I am especially fond of it. It is the only bronzer I’ve found so far which doesn’t gives me a muddy face, but a healthy, natural-looking glow. I’ve been using it every single day for 5 years and I always have a minimum of not one, but two backups in my makeup stash. If that isn’t a good enough recommendation, I don’t know what it.

The color is a light to medium brown, with a hint of glow/shimmer but no sparkle – leaving a very natural color on the skin, suitable for bronzing and even slight contouring. Although very widely loved, the color will definitely show less on darker skin tones than lighter ones. Out of the two products here, Laguna did feel smoother and more finely milled.

image (35)
Swatches: Nars Laguna bronzer below, Nars Orgasm blush on top.

Orgasm is another well known and beloved Nars product and I believe it is their most popular blush. It’s a peachy pink with prominent golden shimmer and looks very flattering on most skin tones. Although this shade has not managed to become an all-time favorite for me, like Laguna has, I still like it and use it regularly.

Both of these products wear well and last at least 8 hours on my skin (I have a mixed skin type, for reference).

The packaging is the same size (externally) as a regular-sized Nars blush. However, there is more product inside – here, you get 2.5 g of each product, making it a total of 5 g, whereas a Nars blush holds 4.8 g of product. A regular-sized Nars Laguna bronzer has 8 g.

image (36)
Size comparison: Regular-sized Nars Laguna behind, the blush/bronzer duo in front.

My only complaint about this product is that the mini size of the pans can make it hard to use with regular-sized makeup brushes. However, this is to be expected with “travel”-versions of beauty products and with some patience, you can very well get your brushes in there without much trouble.

Overall – this mini is a good one. A very good one. They call it fun-sized for a reason!




From one NARSissist to another,

-xoxo, lady reykjavík.





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