My Travel Planner Kit


image (48)
Planner travel essentials – planner inserts, loads of stickers and Powersheets.

Any self-respecting plannergirl will tell you, that you don’t leave home without your planner. Just never – and I’m no different.

Since I am currently on a weeklong trip to the east of Iceland, I thought I would show you what planner related stuff I brought with me. Obviously, what you need or want to bring with you when traveling will depend on what you will be doing during your trip, but I hope this post can benefit you as an idea board for things you might want to have by your side.

image (51)
Planners & pens: My A5 business planner by Marion Smith Designs & pen from Sessa Vee, my master planner (vertical Erin Condren Lifeplanner) & Uni Pin Fine Line 0.2, and my bullet journal & Stabilo Point 88 fine 0.4.
  • First up are my planners – I brought 3. That might seem kind of excessive for a weeklong trip, but since I am here for both business and pleasure, I found all of them to be necessary.
    • My business planner is an A5 ringbound planner by Marion Smith Designs.
    • My “master planner” is a vertical Lifeplanner by Erin Condren.
    • And finally, I brought my bullet journal which is by Johanna Basford, the artist who drew the Secret Garden Coloring Book. I use this not as a daily bullet journal, but as a place for lists and “collections” which I need to use for various projects and want to keep in a handy place.
  • I use a different pen for each planner, so I brought 3 pens as well:

image (50)

  • Stickers: Obviously, being sticker obsessed, I brought some stickers. I tried to “limit” myself and this was the result:
    • The rest of the watermelon kit by Caress Press which I am using in my Erin Condren this week, so that I can finish it as the week goes on.
    • The August kit by The Glam Planner, to use for planning next week.
    • Various stickers. This will depend on what you will be doing wherever you’re going. Since I would be working on the computer, planning, writing and enjoying some down-time with family, I brought stickers to represent all these activities in my planner.

image (49)

  • A folder for loose paper is a necessity for me when traveling. I never know when I might write something down on a piece of paper, and having a safe place to store those paper pieces is key – otherwise you will lose them. Trust me – I’ve lost a ton of great ideas, just because I lost the piece of paper I wrote them on. Not good! I bought this particular folder in La Rinascente in Milan and this is what I am keeping in it for the trip:
    • 2 pages from my personal planner. This is great to keep in mind if you have a ringbound planner but won’t be needing all of it for your trip. In this case, those were the only two pages I needed, and they are a monthly view for my social media accounts in August. My Instagram game would be nothing without these! (Inserts by Sew Much Crafting.)
    • The prep pages and August pages from my Powersheets by the wonderful Lara Casey. Those are actually what I will be digging into tonight!

So whew, that is it! What do you think – would you add something to this list or did I pack way too much? I’d love to hear all about your travel planner essentials in the comments!

-xoxo, Lady Reykjavík



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