Traveler’s Notebook from Mylkshoppe

The most gorgeous traveler´s notebook – Wild Rose by Mylkshoppe on Etsy

If you are a part of the growing planner community online, you’ve probably heard of the traveler’s notebook – and more likely than not, you’ve even bought one (or three… not that I have…) yourself. Chances are, though, that you’ve never seen any as pretty as this one, which is made by the Etsy shop Mylkshoppe.

The lady who owns it makes aaaall kinds of adorable designs of traveler’s notebooks (sometimes referred to as fauxdori/sweetdori/Midori – although Midori is a specific brand, to be exact), but the particular model I have is called “Wild Rose”. Mine is in a personal size (10 by 7.25″) and the color is “Pale Pink”.

I recently posted the video below on my planner Instagram @ladyreykjavikplans and figured some of my readers on here might enjoy it too, so here goes!

Click here to go watch my video review of this gorgeous traveler´s notebook!

-xoxo, Lady Reykjavík.



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