Never Let the World Crush Our Love

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Ten thousand Icelanders march through downtown Reykjavik, mourning for Birna.

The following text was posted on my Instagram feed earlier this week and served as a short explanation for those foreign friends of mine who had been seeing news from Iceland and asking what´s been going on here the past weeks. In light of recent events in the world, I thought we could all use a reminder of the power of love and community, and so I am reposting this here on the blog.

Written 29.01.17.

two weeks ago, a 20 year old girl went missing from downtown reykjavik. one week later, her body washed ashore in the south of the country and she had been murdered. yesterday, roughly ten thousand people marched through the city center in memory of her.
during the week of the search, the whole of iceland went numb and almost paralyzed- we had been fortunate enough never to have experienced anything quite like this before. we checked the media for news every 5 minutes, hoping she had been found, alive. those who pray, prayed. everybody’s thoughts and words were with the girl and her family. and when she was finally found – the nation which had hoped together, now mourned together.
i don’t think iceland will ever be quite the same again – we like to think of our tiny island as isolated, set apart from the rest of the world – but the truth is that the world is on our doorstep now, both the good and the bad parts.
however – i am proud and honored beyond words to live in a place where the tragic, cruel death of one person inspired thousands of people to march together in mourning, flowers in their hands and tears on their cheeks.
may we never let the world crush our love.


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